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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Advanced Introduction & Practitioner Refresher

Sunday October 1, 9.30am – 5pm

Location: Woodpecker Café, Queen’s Park, Bournemouth

£99 + VAT

A full day of training specifically for you – if you:

have some NLP training or knowledge and want to learn more

maybe you’ve done a short intro course and

you want to learn more because it was interesting, BUT

you’re not yet ready to invest £00’s or even £000’s in a full Practitioner course


you have studied to Practitioner level and just want to refresh your neural pathways!

A practically all-practical day!

We don’t do boring seminars …

This day will be full to the brim of practical and fun activities that bring NLP to life. You’ll get deeper understanding of:

~ how everyone has their own map of the world, and what that means for communication ~

~ how none of the sights, sounds or feelings you have are the same as anyone else’s (and that’s ok) ~

~ what the ‘unconscious mind’ really is in NLP ~

~ why your memories are completely false (but so are everyone’s else’s!) ~

~ tricks to get your brain working with you, not against you (inner critic anyone?!) ~

~ how to use anchors for good not evil (bwahaha) ~

~ all the fun interventions:

submodality map across, fast phobia, visual squash, timelines, circle of excellence and more! ~

AND you’ll get a complete workbook of everything covered (so you won’t need to worry about taking notes).

(Unless you really really want to.)

(Which, [altogether now], is YOUR choice!)

Your instructor

My name is Ginette … and I’m a recovering NLP Trainer


~ I’m trained and internationally certified in NLP ~

~ I was trained at the NLP Academy, to Master Practitioner and Trainer level, in both Classic and New Code NLP ~

~ this means I was taught and mentored by co-founder John Grinder ~

~ along with Carmen Bostic St Clair (John’s partner) and Michael Carroll ~

~ I DO NOT offer NLP Practitioner training as part of my normal business ~

~ I ONLY provide NLP training to those who specifically request it ~

~ there are far too many NLP ‘trainers’ out there ~

~ for me, NLP is a personal strategy first and a training tool second ~

~ I’m ONLY interested in training people who want to use NLP for personal development ~

~ the 2nd picture is of me (3rd right) with John and my training group from 2015 ~

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