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Acuitas (old Latin) [ak-yoo-it-ass]:

Acuity – sharpness or keenness of thought, hearing and especially vision


Acuitas.Limited was born in 2014 through a desire by its founder, Ginette Tessier, to see an improvement in business skills training solutions offered in Bournemouth and the surrounding area.

Having more than 22 years’ experience in a corporate environment, with the last six at a senior level in an internationally recognised life-saving charity, Ginette wanted to extend the provision of her training programmes to other local organisations.

Acuitas.Limited is founded on Ginette’s personal values of Fun, Zest and Purpose and as a certified trainer, she brings real-world knowledge and understanding of today’s corporate environment to her training programmes.

History: Ginette Tessier
History: Ginette training


The philosophy of training provision from Acuitas.Limited is that nothing should be delivered ‘out of the box’. Every client’s individual needs are carefully listened to and a bespoke training package containing only the relevant elements is provided.

But this doesn’t come with bespoke prices – wherever possible, training is provided at a level that suits the client’s budget. This ensures that high quality training excellence is always provided, no matter how tight resources are.


Ginette has more than 22 years’ experience in corporate life, working in organisations both large and small, public, private and family-owned, membership based and a commercial agency. She trained as a coach initially and ran her first formal training course in 2006, expanding her experience and qualifications over the years. She has been invited to speak at several events, both before and after establishing Acuitas.Limited.

Ginette is a Fellow of the Association of Professional Coaches, a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, accredited Business Provider of Clarity 4D (a psychometric profiling tool) and also holds post-graduate qualifications in Marketing and Market and Social Research.

Her thirst for knowledge is quite relentless and Ginette believes above all, that training and learning should be fun.

History: Ginette Speaking

If you are looking for personal career coaching from Ginette, please go to straighttalkingcoach.com.

If you are a UK-based trainer looking for help to get your skills to the world through online courses, please go to academy.onlinetrainingindex.com.