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07469 928 252 info@acuitas.limited

Training Solutions

At Acuitas.Limited we offer training solutions in four core areas of Business Skills: Management, Communication, Facilitation and Emotional Intelligence. While each core area, and each element within those areas, can be offered as a training course in its own right, we believe in providing a bespoke service to our clients – without bespoke prices.

So for every request we receive, we make sure we get full details of your requirements and will very often ‘mix and match’ elements from the four core areas in order to deliver something that’s just right for your organisation.

We don’t believe in ‘training-by-numbers’. We do believe in providing you the best possible value – you’re investing in your people and we want that investment to work hard for you.

List of Management Skills solutions: strategic thinking, coaching, performance management, team resilience, team motivation
List of Communication Skills solutions: report writing, powerful presentations, negotiation skills, rapport building, difficult conversations
List of Facilitation Skills solutions: small group facilitation, meeting management, workshop facilitation, focus groups
List of Emotional Intelligence solutions: your personal brand, self-management, personal motivation, personal resilience


We firmly believe that we are one of the best providers of the training solutions we offer – but we also know that sometimes your specific needs will include something outside of our area of expertise.  At Acuitas.Limited, we would never try to offer training in an area we don’t have specific and practical experience of.

That’s why we have developed partnerships with a few, selected providers, to increase our ability to provide the best solution for you. For example, you may need a management skills course that includes financial management. We don’t offer specific financial management training, but through our network we can incorporate that seamlessly into your solution with our partners who have expertise in that area.

You may want specific training in negotiation skills for a particular team, that needs to incorporate experience in their particular discipline. Through our network we have partnerships in all major disciplines including: marketing, sales, operations, purchasing and supply, finance, HR/OD and IT.

You can always talk to us about your needs with a no-strings chat – rest assured that if we don’t feel we can offer a great solution for you, we will tell you immediately.