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Acuitas CTD Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (9348574) and registered for VAT (GB208618115).

Acuitas CTD Ltd is registered with the ICO in accordance with legislation.

Privacy policies can be found on all owned websites where applicable.

The registered company address is: c/o 312 Charminster Road BH8 9RT.

It is wholly owned and operated by Ginette Tessier since its inception in 2014.

It is the owner and operator of the following trading names:

The Get That Gang(TM) (The GT Gang) https://thegetthatgang.com 

Get That Course Online (GTCO) https://getthatcourseonline.com

Get That Website Online (GTWO) https://getthatwebsiteonline.com

Ginette Tessier https://ginettetessier.com

Jonesy and Pod https://jonesyandpod.com

All enquiries to: ginette@acuitas.limited